Pancoran Flyover Opened, Traffic Flow Becomes Smooth

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government officially opened Pancoran Flyover from Cawang to Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday, January 15. It is opened for all types of vehicles since at 06:00.

    Head of Sub-Division of Law Enforcement Directorate of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya Adjunct Senior Commissioner Budiyanto said that the opening of Flyover Pancoran has just opened one of two existing lanes.

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    "While waiting for the hardening, near the LRT construction. There is also a constriction because of the LRT processing," said Budiyanto.

    He said all vehicles can pass through the flyover, except the Transjakarta bus. Because the Transjakarta shelter is under the Flyover.

    Moreover, with the opening of Pancoran Flyover, the traffic movement in Pancoran Intersection from east direction or Cawang to the west (Kuningan/Semanggi) can go through the overpass.

    "There is no traffic change movement," he said. According to him, the opening of Pancoran Flyover also proved to make the traffic flow on the road become more smoothly. "Later, it will be evaluated periodically," he said.