Motorcycle Sales Reach 547 Million Units from January to November

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Honda’s domination in national motorcycle market is still strong this yearBy the end of November, Honda had a total sale of 4.10 million units.

    Such figure covers about 75 percent of the total national sale with 5.47 million units.

    Based on the data from Indonesia Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), Yamaha placed second with the total sales of 1.22 million units.Both brands have been competing tightly in the market in the past few years.

    Coming next is Kawasaki with the total sales of 73.184 units. Suzuki with new products came after with 68.893 units.

    India motorcycle TVS placed last with the total sales of 1.138 units.

    In 2016, Honda was also a market leader by selling 4.38 million units or 74 percent of the national motorcycle sale of 5.93 million units. Yamaha came next with 1.39 million units, Kawasaki with 97.622 units, Suzuki with 56.824 units and TVS with 1.873 units.