IDX: Foreign Investment Ownership Keeps Rising

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  • Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). TEMPO/Tony Hartawan

    Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). TEMPO/Tony Hartawan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) revealed that stock ownership of foreign investors throughout this year keeps increasing to Rp 1.878 trillion compared to the end of 2016 with Rp 1.691 trillion.

    "Statistically, foreign investors are recorded to reach gross sales throughout this year as much as Rp 40.37 trillion. However, at the same time, the ownership value increases. It means, only profit that is released," BEI chairman Tito Sulistio explained in Denpasar on Saturday (16/12).

    He added that increasing foreign ownership in domestic stock market indicates that Indonesia’s economic fundamental is still strong.

    "Therefore, foreign investment funds are actually not released, they only realize some of the profit, we need to be optimistic about the future development," he said.