The Technology Behind MRT Jakarta`s Self-Operating Railway System

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  • Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train.

    Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta is offering to provide an international standard railway transportation that will be operable in 2019. It will utilize an automatic fare collection (AFC) system that will be provided by Japan’s Nippon Signal.

    We were given the chance to pay a visit to Nippon Signal’s 79,441 square meter factory that is located in Utsunomiya, Japan, on Monday, November 27. This is where they produce numerous systems that are often used by Japanese railway operators.

    The initial plan is that the MRT Jakarta train unit will be self-operable which will be controlled by the Operational Control Center (OCC) in Lebak Bulus station in South Jakarta. In the OCC, the AFC system is composed of a card initialization machine (CIM), line control unit (LCU), and workstation (WS) where it’s run.

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    Meanwhile, each station’s AFC will be supported by a station control unit (SCU), WS and automatic remaining value check terminal (ARVCT) that works as a passenger’s card balance.

    The AFC System is also contained in a ticket office machine (TOM), passenger gate (PG), add value machine (AVM) and ticket vending machine (TVM) that will be placed in 13 phase 1 MRT stations throughout Lebak Bulus-Bundaran HI.

    “Lebak Bulus will have an LCU that is connected to each station. The WS of each station is connected to the SCU,” explained Masatoshi Hata, General Manager Production Control Department Utsunomiya Plant.

    As the train operator, MRT Jakarta has ordered 35 TVMs, 25 units of AVMs, and 99 sets of PG from Nippon Signal which will be shipped to Indonesia through several phases in early 2018. The procurement is included in the ‘107 package’ together with the railway system and track work that is valued at Rp2.7trillion in total.

    Based on our observation, the MRT passenger gate and ticket vending machine that was tested by Nippon Signal’s technician is just exactly as the ones used in Japanese train stations.

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