6 Ways Men Escape the Pain of Going Through a Breakup

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  • Illustration of a broken heart person. credit: shutterstock.com

    Illustration of a broken heart person. credit: shutterstock.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Guys, in general, may seem to show less care and are more resilient following a breakup. But did you know that us guys have several ways to cope with the agony of going through a heartbreak?

    1. Crying in the bathroom

    This might not be the most dignified place to grapple with the pain of going through a heartbreak. But by continuously turning on the water taps can effectively disguise the sound of a man’s painful sobs.

    2. Online dating

    Sometimes, the best solution for men to quickly deal with the aftermath of a breakup is to go on a date through online dating apps, which is proven to be able to distract the mind from further misery.

    3. Chilling at home and watching movies

    Some days, all guys need to do is to be a potato couch for several days by watching movies in a continuous marathon until we snooze again, drowning the sorrows by eating snacks, and continuing the process all over again for a time period.

    4. Erasing every bit of memory

    Erasing the memories of past lovers from our mind as men can be quite difficult, so we divert to throwing out any piece of memento that can remind us of her.

    5. Swearing to ourselves not to date anymore, forever!

    Well, maybe not forever, but guys might do this for a long period of time just to erode every last piece of memory of the last relationship. Guys will often not make themselves available for another relationship until the wounds totally heal.

    6. Going to the gym or adopt a new hobby

    This might be the most positive from all of the entry. We tend to seriously keep ourselves busy just to escape the pain of going through a heartbreak.