Pengabdi Setan is the Best Selling Indonesian Movie in Malaysia

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  • Pengabdi Setan movie poster.

    Pengabdi Setan movie poster.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar recently exhibited his appreciation to Malaysian viewers for making the movie he directed entitled `Pengabdi Setan` as one of Malaysia`s all-time best-selling movie.

    “Thank you, Malaysian viewers. Pengabdi Setan is Malaysia’s best-selling Indonesian movie of all times,” said Joko Anwar through an Instagram post on Tuesday, December 5.

    Joko Anwar did not provide specific data regarding his claim, however, he once reported the excitement shown by Malaysian moviegoers through one of his tweets. He wrote that there was a viewer that was hysterical and passed-out while watching the movie.

    Joko Anwar’s Instagram post was filled with congratulatory comments. Malaysia will not be the only overseas country to screen Pengabdi Setan, the filmmaker also plans to screen the movie in Singapore.