Fashion Week: Designer Dian Pelangi and Prejudice Against Hijab

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Prominent Indonesian Muslim designer Dian Pelangi showcased her work at the Sommet International de la Mode (International Fashion Summit) which is one of the series of events at the Paris Fashion Week for Peace.

    Dian Pelangi left the event with valuable experiences regarding the importance of inter-religious tolerance. Being one of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) winners did not guarantee that her journey would be free of prejudice.

    The Organizers of the event, according to Dian, at one point questioned the use of hijab that was incorporated in her collection. They reasoned that the people of France are having difficulties to accept conspicuous Muslim-wears featuring headscarves. “Five out of my 12 designs were asked to be exhibited without hijabs,” she said.

    Responding to the organizer’s request, she was understandably surprised but strictly refused to remove the hijabs off of her models. “I clearly refused to do so since it is against the principle and values that I intend to convey,” said Dian Pelangi.

    “I persisted that my models still wear their hijabs since I have the responsibility to represent what Muslim women are like,” said the 26-year-old designer who regrets that there were several designers that crumbled under the requests of the event organizers.

    Dian Pelangi says that she understands the political situation in the country. With the current condition, she defends that the fashion world must showcase its true self to the people who misinterpret the use of hijab in a Muslim-wear, especially in an international fashion show, such as the Paris Fashion Week.