International Coffee Day: Solo to Give 5,000 Cups of Free Coffee  

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  • TEMPO.COSurakarta - Harjonagoro Traditional Market in Solo is preparing 5,000 cups of coffee to be given out for free at the International Coffee Day event, October 1.

    "Besides enjoying their coffees, the visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the market at night," said the head of the event's committee Jefri Aditya Jayadi on Friday, Sept. 29.

    At least 50 coffee shops will be participating at the event. The baristas will serve their best coffee blends at the event that will be started at 07:00 p.m. Indonesia Western Time.

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    "We don’t limit the type of coffees to be given out," he said. What is important, Jefri said, is they can invite the people of Solo to celebrate the International Coffee Day. "As well as introducing the tradition of drinking coffee," he added.

    A similar event was also held at the same location. At that time, as many as 3,000 cups of free coffee were given to the visitors.

    According to Jefri, the habit of Solo society hanging out at the coffee shops just broke out two years ago. Today, many coffee shops in Solo have attracted some loyal customers.

    "Most of the customers are youths, such as students," Jefri said. He hopes the International Coffee Day event can further introduce coffee to all levels of society.