Bank Indonesia: Foreign Debt Grows 3.9 Percent in July

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    The logo of Indonesia's central bank Bank Indonesia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded that Indonesian foreign debt by the end of July reached 339.billion USD or grew 3.9 percent compared to that of July 2016 year on year (yoy).

    Through BI Foreign Debt Statistics announced in Jakarta on Friday, Sept. 15, BI mentioned that based on borrower group, the annual growth of foreign debt of private sector decreased, while that of the public sector increased.

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    It is recorded that the foreign debt of private sector was US$ 165.billion or 48.7 percent out of the total of external debt. The percentage fell 1.2 percent (yoy), or it reduced more than the decline in June 2017 with 0.7 percent (yoy).

    Meanwhile, the position of public sector’s foreign debt in July 2017 is recorded as much as US$ 174.billion or 51.percent out of the total foreign debtThe percentage rose 9.percent (yoy), or higher than 7.3 percent of increase (yoy) in June 2017.