7 Benefits of Tamanu Oil

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Women in the past had never experienced skin problems as much as we experience today. In the olden days, women worked with natural ingredients. As a result, they have left a natural healing legacy that has been lost over time and generations.

    But there are still some of us who still believe in natural ingredients to solve skin problems. Although with the advancement of science and technology, sometimes natural herbs can be the solution to our skin problems.

    Olive oil and coconut oil have long been used for the skin because of its very diverse properties. But there are other natural ingredients that have more properties, namely Tamanu oil, which many people have rediscovered its benefits.

    As quoted from Boldsky, Tamanu oil is made from an extract of pine nuts called Calophylluminophyllu. It is usually used by people in Southeast Asia because of its amazing benefits on the skin.

    Here are the benefits of Tamanu oil for the skin:

    1) Reduces inflammation.

    2) Rich in antioxidants and heals skin tissue faster.

    3) Very potent to reduce acne scars or keloids.

    4) Rich in fatty acids that will moisturize your skin.

    5) Can reduce stretch marks significantly.

    6) Has the ability to heal wounds faster

    7) One of the best anti-aging products on the market.

    Tamanu oil has three important compounds, namely Calophylic acid, phospholipids and antibiotics called lactones. It also contains a powerful anti-inflammatory substance called coumarins. Tamanu oil is also known to inhibit skin tumor production.