Culinary, Travel, and Culture Galore at Indonesian Weekend

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  • Indonesian Weekend at Potters Fields Park, London. Image credit: Sadika Hamid

    Indonesian Weekend at Potters Fields Park, London. Image credit: Sadika Hamid

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - All aspects ranging from culinary, travel, culture, music and fashion of Indonesia attracted many UK citizens and foreign tourists as well, as it was seen in the Indonesian Weekend event held by the Indonesian Tourism Ministry in Potters Fields Park, London on the 22nd and 23rd of July 2017.

    Indonesian Weekend is a weekend-long festival of Indonesian food, culture and fashion, promoting travel to Indonesia by showcasing the best that Indonesia has to offer.

    The main magnet of the event was the culinary and was followed by traveling and various treats including music, culture and fashion.

    There were 10 stalls of various Indonesian cuisine, ranging from Satay, Nasi Gudeg to Nasi Rendang, Gado-Gado, Rendang and Soto Betawi. The culinary point of interest was the Food Demo which was presented by Chef Degan Septoadji, a former jury of MasterChef Indonesia, which was crowded with visitors.

    There were also people with colorful Malang Carnivals costume traveling around the event, they were pretty popular with the tourists.

    A major INDONESIA sign could be seen from the side of the Thames River, and from the garden side various motifs of Batik could be seen, including images of Jam Gadang of Bukittinggi, Javanese Masks, Bird of Paradise and a map of Kalimantan.

    In one corner of the park, there was a large inscription of Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Diversity in Unity) with an image of a Balinese Barong mask.

    There were also some art mural done by two Indonesian artists; Amin Subandono and Rizky Aditya Nugroho.

    Visitors were also seen playing with Gasing (traditional Indonesian toy) and other various traditional games, including Congklak.

    There were also stall for the visitors to get traditional tattoos of Dayak and Nias tribes, a DJ performance, and a fashion show from Elzatta Dauky showing the latest collection by Elhijab.

    The organizers of the event, Proud Indonesia and Audience, recorded a total of over 35,000 visitors in just two days.

    Last year’s Indonesia Weekend managed to attract more than 30,000 visitors, of which 72.4 percent were from British, 24.7 percent from other nationalities and 2.9 percent were Indonesians.