Dozens of Chinese Workers in Bogor Unregistered

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  • Tempo/M Sidik Permana

    Tempo/M Sidik Permana

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Yos Sudrajat, head of the Bogor Manpower and Transmigration Agency revealed that only 8 out of 38 Chinese migrant workers employed by PT Bintang Cindai Mineral Geologi (BCMG) are registered at his agency.

    Yos said that he was surprised knowing that the local police arrested the 38 Chinese migrant workers.

    “It turns out that there are dozens of Chinese workers are employed by the company,” Yos said on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

    Yos added that five out of the eight registered workers have not yet extended their stay and work permits.

    “Their visas and working permits will expire on August 14, 2017,” Yos explalined.

    According to Yos, the arrested migrant workers should have reported themselves to the Bogor Immigration Office to maintain the legality of their statuses.

    Yos revealed that there are 824 foreign nationals working in Bogor. However, only less than half had applied for permit extension to the Bogor Manpower and Transmigration Agency. The rest of them applied for an extension to the central government, and 15 others took care of their permits with the West Java Provincial administration.