Customs and Excise Revenue at 41.61 Percent of Target as of July

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Customs and excise revenue as of July stood at 41.61 percent of the full-year target set in the revised 2017 state budget (APBN-P). Data from the Finance Ministry show that customs and excise revenue so far has reached Rp78.72 trillion, whereas the full-year target in the APBN-P is Rp189.14 trillion.

    The Directorate General of Customs and Excise reports that the revenue from import duties as of the end of July stood at Rp18.53 trillion or 55.67 percent of Rp33.28 trillion full-year target set in APBN-P 2017.

    As of the end of July, revenue from import duties has reached Rp1.97 trillion or 72.81 percent of Rp2.7 trillion full-year target in the APBN-P.

    Revenue from excise duty as of July fell short of the estimated amount. Data from the Directorate General of Customs and Excise shows that the government has only collected Rp58.23 trillion in excise duty. The figure is only 38.01 percent of Rp153.17 trillion full-year target set in the APBN-P 2017.

    Excise duty on tobacco made up the most of the revenue from excise duty with Rp55.82 trillion. Meanwhile, excise duty on alcoholic beverage reached Rp2.51 trillion, excise duty on ethyl alcohol stood at Rp81.93 billion and others at Rp187.97 billion.


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