And Little Zahra was Killed

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  • Baby Zahra.

    Baby Zahra.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -

    Written by: Nia S. Amira (Indonesian author, journalist, and linguist)

    There are three important events that are celebrated every June and July. The Indonesian people commemorate the birth day of Pancasila every June 1st, while on the same date, the world community commemorates International Child Protection Day.

    Indonesian children celebrate National Children's Day every July 23rd and this is based on the decision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia no. 44 of 1984 dated 19 July 1984, which at that time was ruled by Soeharto.

    Children celebrations are always marked with some activities to make the children happy; Such as camping, speech contests, arts and cultural performances and other fun things which have the purpose of entertaining children, this will also for the unlucky ones from the pre-prosperous families and the street children.

    The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), established by the Indonesian government independently oversees the implementation of child protection efforts by state institutions and investigates child rights violations.

    In the era of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Ministry of Women Empowerment was changed to the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, in the hope that the government can focus more on child issues and handle its big issues.

    That day was July 4th, 2017 and it was still 8:40 pm but the civilian in Alkhanly village of Fuzuli region, Azerbaijan became hysteric when suddenly the Armenian soldiers had shelled their village with 82mm and 120 mm caliber mortar, including heavy grenade.

    The brutality of the Armenian soldiers was unpredictable and what happened that night was beyond the thought of the Alkhanly people where the two-year-old Zahra Guliyeva and her grandmother Allahverdiyeva Sahibe (51) were killed by the Armenian soldier hot bullets deliberately directed against the civilian. The news over Zahra, the victims of the atrocities of the Armenian soldiers immediately shocked the Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East region and the entire world. The poor little toddler was dying and due to this bloody events, Nagorno Karabakh returns to heat again.

    The news of the brutality of the Armenian soldiers made many people all over the world send their sympathy and that includes the Uzbek Ambassador to Azerbaijan, H.E. Sherzod Fayziev who needs to visit the Alkhanly village to meet Zahra’s family and to visit Sarvinaz Gulyeva, one of Zahra's relatives who severely wounded and had to be hospitalized.

    The close relations between Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan has been long established even before the two countries separated from the Soviet Union.

    Currently, the two countries which have the same background as a Muslim-majority country in each region are mutually supportive in terms of political, economic, social & cultural policies, especially in the context of Islam.

    The Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, H.E. Javad Jahangirzadeh condemned such abominable acts as a criminal committed by Armenian soldiers. Azerbaijan is a friendly country having close ties with Iran. Ambassador Javad was deeply sad by the incident at the Akhanly village.

    Iran has been working very hard in resolving Nagorno Karabakh conflict under President Heydar Aliyev, but it still has not worked. It is certain that Iran supports the solution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict resolution through political means, it was to Javad, that the war or conflict in one region is directed to every resident of each Country.

    As quoted from Javad,"When there is a peace and there is no interference of foreign powers, then that peace can continue to grow." Tomorrow thousands of children and women could be killed, so the OSCE Minsk Group must accomplish its mission. Javad said, "Iran will always contribute to the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict."

    Provocation by the Armenians, deliberately trying to harm the Azerbaijanis by making their lives on the border become difficult and risky.

    Armenia occupied Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding areas of Azerbaijan in a war that followed the split of the Soviet Union in 1991. More than 20,000 Azerbaijanis were killed and nearly 1 million were displaced by the war.

    The hostilities of both countries ended with a truce brokered by Russia in 1994 but Armenia resumed the occupation and opposed four UN Security Council resolutions calling for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal. So far, peace talks mediated by Russia, France and the U.S. which are members of the OSCE Minsk group did not produce the meaningful results.

    What Armenia has done on July 4, 2017, is a systematic, intentional and targeted attack on the civilian that includes women, children and elderly people living in densely populated areas adjacent to the front lines. The direct and deliberate attack by Armenia against civilians and civilian objects in Azerbaijan is a serious violation of international humanitarian and human rights law, in particular, the 1949 Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol I, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom.

    Not only once or twice Azerbaijan reminds the international community that the main reason for the frontline tensions and incidents and the major obstacles to conflict resolution is the unauthorized presence of the Armenian armed forces in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

    Armenia must withdraw its troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan in accordance with the norms and principles of international law and relevant decisions of international organizations and change the status quo of occupation.

    The responsibility for the current situation rests with Armenia's military-political leadership.

    A week after the death of little girl Zahra, the Argentine Senator condemned Armenia's provocation of the Azerbaijani civilian. The people of Azerbaijan protested in front of the Armenian Embassy in Moldova.

    London-based TEAS magazine did not miss a protest action on the main street of London and put some dolls with full bloody poured as a symbol of the death of Zahra and grandmother.

    President Aliyev also said strongly that the killing of Zahra and his grandmother showed the attitude of the Armenian fascism.

    The cute little Zahra is now lying beside God, she is like most children in the conflict area was not getting protection as a child who was born and grew in an abnormal situation, reversing with what has been agreed at the World Conference on Welfare Children held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925 and also agreed by the Women's Democracy Federation in Moscow in 1949 and supported 51 countries. Zahra will never be able to celebrate International Children's Day or Children's Day in the world every 20 November.


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