Indonesia Posts June Trade Surplus

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  • ANTARA/M Agung Rajasa

    ANTARA/M Agung Rajasa

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia posted US$1.63 billion trade surplus in June. The country’s total export last month amounted to US$11.64 billion and total import was US$10.01 billion.

    According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) head Suhariyanto, the trade surplus in June was attributable to an increase non-oil and gas trade by US$1.96 billion. In the same month, oil and gas trade deficit was at US$0.33 billion. “We expect the surplus to continue until the end of the year,” he said yesterday.

    Throughout January to June 2017, Indonesia’s total export increased by US$79.96 billion and total import was up by US$72.33 billion. As such, throughout 2017, the country nets US$7.63 billion surplus. “If we look at it, it’s the highest since 2012,” Suhariyanto said.

    He added that Indonesia non-oil and gas trade surplus in the first half was owing to trade with India amounting to US$5.04 billion, with the US at US$4.7 billion and the Netherlands at US$1.56 billion. However, Indonesia suffered deficit with China totaling US$6.62 billion, Thailand at US$1.83 billion and Australia at US$1.57 billion.

    According to Suhariyanto, despite the deficit throughout January to June, China remains a major market for non-oil and gas export. Indonesia’s total export to China reached US$9.13 billion or 12.61 percent of total export, followed by the United States at US$8.37 billion or 11.56 percent of total export and India with US$6.85 billion or 9.47 percent.

    “Export to ASEAN was only 21.25 percent or US$15.38 billion and the European Union was only 11.11 percent or US$8.04 billion,” Suhariyanto.

    In June, Indonesia’s total export reached US$11.64 billion. As for non-oil and gas sector, the total export stood at US$10.35 billion or 20.66 percent down compared to May at US$13.04 billion. Compared to June 2016, it declined by 13.85 percent or US$13.01 billion.