Indonesia - Turkey Investment Deals Worth Millions of Dollars  

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  • BKPM chief Thomas Lembong. Tempo/Tongam sinambela

    BKPM chief Thomas Lembong. Tempo/Tongam sinambela

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Thomas Lembong, announced that Indonesia and Turkey had agreed on a US$520 million investment deal following last week’s bilateral meeting.

    The Rp 6.9 trillion deal, according to Thomas Lembong, includes partnerships in the energy and air transportation sector. “Perkapalan Indonesia agreed on a partnership with Karadeniz Holding worth US$320 million,” said Thomas.

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    The remaining US$200 million in the deal is the partnership between Dirgantara Indonesia and Turkish Aerospace Industry. Other collaboration projects between the two companies include 80 megawatt power plant constructions that will be spread out across Indonesia.

    Other than marketing Dirgantara’s N219 aircraft, the Turkish Aerospace Industry also plans to jointly develop its N245 product together with Dirgantara Indonesia. The jointly-developed aerospace product will be marketed across the Southeast Asian market.

    During his official state visit, President Jokowi also conducted government collaborations such as the Health Ministry and Trade Ministry conducting a bilateral cooperation in the Indonesia-Turkey Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, also including investment.

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