Bank Indonesia, Police Combat Illegal Money Changer Businesses

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The police met with Bank Indonesia (BI) on Monday to discuss several issues. The chief of police Gen, Tito Karnavian said that one of the topics he talked about with the BI governor Agus Martowardojo was taking actions against illegal money changer businesses. 

    "We have dealt with 445 unauthorized money changers. Bank Indonesia has sealed off their business places, but sometimes they break the seal," Tito said. 

    Tito said that unregistered and illegal money changer shops are suspected of facilitating crimes such as money laundering and drug deals. He said the police, Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority will do whatever it takes to combat illegal money changer operations. 

    Tito and Agus also discussed the practices of counterfeiting cash, credit cards, debit cards, and other non-cash cards. He promised to intensify investigations and prosecute counterfeit networks. 

    Meanwhile, Agus said there are 783 money changers operating without licenses in Indonesia, and only 48 percent of them are actually providing currency change services. 

    Bank Indonesia, Agus said, has repeatedly warned the illegal businesses to stop their activities. Operating a money changer without a license can be categorized as an extraordinary crime.