Govt Adopts One-Fuel Price in 12 Districts

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  • TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government has planned to adopt one-price fuel policy since the end of last year. It has been developing fuel distributors in districts to implement the policy. As of June 1, as many as 12 fuel distributors have operated in 12 districts.

    “As for 2017, from the target of 54 locations, 12 have operated in 12 districts. More may operate in mid or end of June,” Energy Ministry spokesman Sujatmiko said in a written statement on Sunday.

    Data from the Energy Minsistry show that the government will establish fuel distributors in 150 locations in 148 districts to achieve one-price fuel policy. The government will develop fuel distributors in 54 locations in this year, 50 locations in 2018 and 46 locations in 2019.

    Earlier, fuel price in some of the districts reached Rp18,000 per liter. At present, Sujatmiko said the prices are in line with those set in Pertamina fuel stations.

    “The people in the 12 districts earlier bought fuel at Rp8-18,000 per liter. Now, they can buy at the price set in Pertamina gas stations, namely Rp6,450 per liter for Premium and Rp5,150 for diesel fuel,” Sujatmiko said.

    The twelve locations adopting the one-price fuel policy are:

    - Pulau-pulau Batu sub-district, South Nias District, North Sumatra

    - Central Siberut sub-district, Mentawai District, West Sumatra

    - Karimun Jawa sub-district, Jepara District, Central Java

    - Raas sub-district, Sumenep District, East Java

    - Labuhan Badas sub-district, Sumbawa District, West Nusa Tenggara

    - Waingapu sub-district, Sumba Timur District, East Nusa Tenggara

    - Long Apari sub-district, Mahakam Hulu District, East Kalimatan

    - Wangi-wangi sub-district, Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi

    - Moswaren sub-district, South Sorong District, West Papua

    - North Morotai sub-district, Morotai District, North Maluku

    - Distrik Paniai Barat sub-district, Paniai District, Papua

    - Jagoi Babang sub-district, Bengkayang District, West Kalimantan