Saturday, 19 January 2019

Kampung Melayu Bomb Assembled in Garut

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  • TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - One of the Kampung Melayu suicide bombers, Ahmad Sukri, allegedly assembled the pressure cooker bomb during his stay in Garut, West Java. The notion became even stronger after Police’s special detachment Densus 88 together with West Java police searched the rented house Sukri used to live in Garut, June 1.

    West Java Police spokesman Comr. Yusri Yunus revealed that his agency revealed a number of items that were allegedly used to assemble the explosive device, such as cardboard boxes, bolts from a pressure cooker, seven plastic buckets, and a jar.

    “It’s suspected that there is more evidence left in Ahmad Sukri’s rented residence,” Yusri said.

    Police have confirmed that Ahmad Sukri was one of the suicide bombers who detonated themselves at the Kampung Melayu bus station on last week. The terror attack killed three police members. Sukri was accompanied by Ichwan Nurul Salam who acts as the second suicide bomber.

    Police were sure that Sukri and Ichwan were going to use a pressure cooker to make the bomb. Police’s suspicion was confirmed by the discovery of a receipt in the pocket of one of the suspects, which recorded the time and location where the suspects bought the pressure cooker. 

    Densus 88 was made aware of the trend of such technique after they apprehended a group that was led by Muhammad Nur Solihin in December 2016 in Bekasi, West Java. Police were certain that the terrorist group was planning on blowing up the bomb in front of the State Palace.

    A previous bombing incident that happened in Bandung, West Java, was linked to the Kampung Melayu bus station bombing under a single terror group called Jamaah Ansharud Daulah (JAD), which is led by a terrorist suspect who is currently locked up at Nusakambangan prison, Aman Abdurrahman.

    According to Yanuar Hidayat, who is the uncle of Ichwan Nurul, said that his nephew departed to travel to Tasikmalaya to help a friend’s business. Yanuar also revealed that Ichwan’s attitude dramatically changed during the last two years after he participated in an unknown Islamic study.

    Iqbal T. Lazuardi S | Agoeng Wijaya