Saturday, 19 January 2019

Civil Society Coalition: Counterterrorism Law Rev. Not Critical

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Civil Society Coalition says revision to Counterterrorism Law is not critical. The coalition sees that the military involvement in combating terrorism is already regulated in Law No. 34/2014.

    Even without revision to the law, the National Armed Forces (TNI) has been involved in counterterrorism operations in Poso, the Coalition argues.

    The Legal Aid Institute Foundation (YLBHI) views that proposed military involvement in the Counterterrorism Law is not critical since it has been regulated in the TNI Law. Continued deliberations on the revision will mark a setback for the national reforms. The YLBHI reasoned that one of the results of the reform era was the separation of the police and the military.

    Similarly, KontraS pointed to heavy military involvement during the New Order period when Wiranto, then defense minister and the ABRI [Indonesian Armed Forces] commander, had proposed a similar law which was opposed by students, leading to the Semanggi II tragedy.

    “…allowing military involvement is tantamount to repeating past mistakes, KontraS sees that human rights violations committed by the military are still rampant…” activist Puri Kencana Putri says in South Jakarta.

    The Civil Society Coalition on Security Reforms comprising Imparsial, KontraS, ELSAM, HRWG, LBH Pers, Lespersi, ICW, SETARA Institute, YLBHI, LBH Jakarta, ILR, ICJR, INFID, Amnesty International Indonesia, Transparency International Indonesia (TII), Federasi KontraS, Indonesia Legal Roundtable (ILR) this week will be lobbying to convince the House to stop deliberating the revision to Counterterrorism Law.