Ministry Attests to the Zero Percent Down Payment Program

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  • Tempo/Tony Hartawan

    Tempo/Tony Hartawan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Syarif Burhanuddin from the General Works and People’s Housing Ministry says that the ‘0 percent down payment mortgage loan’, which recently became a topic of debate, is actually quite possible to realize.

    “That’s just a matter of policy. As long as the bank and consumer clinches the deal, than what’s wrong with that?” Syarif said on Tuesday, May 16.

    Syarif argues that low down payment mortgage loans are just down to the matter of trust. As long as the bank has essentially identified the buyer regarding their ability to sustainably pay the tenure. “Down payment is more of a psychological matter, for the feeling of ownership,” Firdaus said.

    Syarif said that many developers have hended their clients with a 0 percent down payment mortgage loan. “This shows signs that it is possible. Psychologically, people will be interested in purchasing something if there is no down payment. Houses don’t run away unlike motorcycles,” Syarif said.

    Previously, Deputy Minister of Finance, Mardiasmo, says that a down payment mortgage loan is needed before mortgaging a property.

    Director for Consumers at Bank Tabungan Negara, Handayani, shared the same sentiment as Mardiasmo. Handayani said that a down payment must be part of a deal in mortgaging a property. “So that it won’t be completely ‘0 percent’. At least the consumer will have a sense of ownership towards their property.”