Firza Husein Ready to Confront Rizieq Syihab

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Firza Husein, the supposed girlfriend of Rizieq Shihab, is ready to be confronted with the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) leader for investigative reasons in the alleged sexting scandal between the two.

    Firza's lawyer Azis Yanuar said in Jakarta Monday that there is no problem since "the case is slanderous and was engineered".

    Azis said Firza has been summoned for the second time to appear as a witness in the alleged spreading of pornographic content she and Rizieq are accused of. Today, the Jakarta Police plan to question Firza and her colleague Emma, whose name came up repeatedly in the recording.

    Azis insists that his client did not take naked pictures of herself nor was she engaged in the steamy conversation with Rizieq. Azis asks police investigators to handle cases professionally and objectively, and probe the people who uploaded the conversation and photos.

    Meanwhile, Rizieq's lawyer Kapitra Ampera said the sexting allegation against his client is a slander.

    According to Kapitra, Rizieq knows that this case is an attempt to silence him. "It is an attempt to ruin his image, so that the Muslims don’t believe in him," Kapitra said.