Three Hikers Dies on Mount Prau

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Three hikers died on Mount Prau after being struck by lightning on Sunday, April 23, 2017. Wahab Abdilah, leader of the Bimolukar Search and Rescue team, stated that there were 11 climbers from Jakarta who climbed Mount Prau on Sunday. Mount Prau is located at Wonosobo, Central Java.

    Two people are currently being treated at Wonosobo Hospital (RSUD) meanwhile six other climbers survived the ordeal.

    The climbers, says Wahab, ascended from Dieng Post under rainy conditions on Sunday morning. They were struck by lightning as soon as they reached the mountain peak.

    The victims of the lightning strike who lost their lives were Deden Hidayat Maulana (31), a resident of Benang VI, Depok, Aditya Agung Dermawan (30), a resident of Cipinang Muara 2, East Jakarta, and Adi Setyawan (31), a resident of Cipinang Muara 2, East Jakarta.

    The other two victims who survived the lightning strike is Saiful Ulum (35) resident of Kampung Sumur East Jakarta and Danang (28) resident of Cipinang, East Jakarta.