Most Mangrove Forests in Indonesia in Poor Condition

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  • Mangrove forest tour. TEMPO/Budi Purwanto

    Mangrove forest tour. TEMPO/Budi Purwanto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Environment and Forestry minister Siti Nurbaya said that the condition of most mangroves on the coastal areas in Indonesia is not so good.

    "52 percent of mangroves are in bad condition, while only 48 percent of them are in good condition," Sity explained while attending mangrove seed plantin in Bedono village, Sayung district, Demak regency, Central Java on Saturday (22/4).

    She revealed that the area of mangroves in Indonesia streches up to 3,49 million heactares spread over 257 regencies/cities. However, each year, hundreds of thousands of hectares of the mangroves are in serious decline.

    The damage is caused by numerous factors, among others reclamation, pollution, bad cultivation, and climate change.

    "In general, the condition of coastal areas is difficult to maintain, but the government gradually keep trying to improve it," Siti added.

    In order to preserve coastal areas, Siti said, there is no other way but to share roles to manage natural landscape from the coast up to the mountain peaks.