Women's Parliamentary Representation Not Adequate: DPR  

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  • House of Representatives plenary session. TEMPO/M Iqbal Ichsan

    House of Representatives plenary session. TEMPO/M Iqbal Ichsan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The House of Representatives Commission II member Hetifah Syaifudian, said that the 30 percent legislative quota on women's parliamentary representation adopted since the 2004 general election has not yet been met.

    "The 2014 legislative election results show that there are 17 percent women in the DPR," Hetifah Syaifudian said on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, at a discussion on women and election at the DPR building in Jakarta.

    According to Hetifah, the percentage of women in parliament continues to increase although it is still below the minimum quota.

    The 2004 legislative election resulted in 11 percent women representation in parliament, the 2009 legislative election recorded 18 percent and 2014 election had 17 percent.

    "In a democracy like Indonesia, female parliamentarians are needed. If no female is elected a member of parliament, it’s not democratic," Hetifah said.

    Hetifah highlighted the 18 percent women's parliamentary representation despite the 30 percent legislative quota.

    "Things can be made simpler for women to become DPR members, such as giving [female] candidates number one [on legislative candidate list] and [nominate female] in regions that give them the greatest chance of winning the election," Hetifah argued.

    Meanwhile, the Indonesian Political Women's Caucus (KPPI) chairwomen Dwi Septiani added that increased number of female parliamentarians is imperative to voice women's issues.