Signs Put Up on Mount Semeru

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  • TEMPO.CO, Lumajang - The Bromo-Tengger-Semeru (BTS) National Park put up warning signs on Mahameru, the summit of Mount Semeru, including signs bearing a skull symbol. Currently, hikers only allowed to climb the mountain up to the Kalimati outpost. The national park operator explained that the signs have been mounted to assist park climbing rangers.

    The BTS National Park area management director Achmad Susdjoto said that park climbing rangers are also prone of getting lost on Mount Semeru just like other climbers.

    Achmad said that climbers could break the ban on climbing the Mahameru. "To reach the summit, the Mahameru, is a challenge for Semeru climbers," Achmad said. Therefore, the national park operator has anticipated the risks, such as lost climbers, by displaying the warning signs.

    Warning signs will primarily be mounted on the summit or at vegetation belts up to Mahameru. Climbers often lost in the sandy trail at the vegetation belt leading to the Mahameru. The sandy and rocky terrain change constantly due to weather condition. As a result, a reference point for inexperienced climbers is difficult to establish.

    Incidents of lost hikers usually preceded by loss of direction after being left out by other hikers. Another common occurrence includes reported hallucinatory experience. Achmad said that hikers may get lost due to fatigue or bad weather, such as heavy fog and storm.