Ganjar Pranowo Named as Beneficiary in E-KTP Graft

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The former treasurer of the Democrat Party faction Muhammad Nazaruddin testified that Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo was a beneficiary in the electronic identity card or e-KTP graft. He said that Ganjar initially declined the offer before eventually accepting it.

    “One of the deputy speakers (of the House’ Commission II) declined 150,000 dollars [in bribes], there were arguments, he asked for 500,00 dollars and agreed,” Nazaruddin said at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Monday, April 3, 2017. Ganjar held the post of the House’ Commission II deputy speaker for the 2009-2014 term.

    Nazaruddin said that the money was sent to Ganjar via Mustokweni, a member of the Commission II. He said that he witnessed the handover with his own eyes.

    According to Nazaruddin, the money was contained in an envelope together with those to be handed over to the leaders of factions (Kapoksi). He said that the money came from the e-KTP project arranged by businessman Andi Narogong.

    Earlier in his testimony, Ganjar said that he was offered bribes on three occasions. The money was handed over in a goody bag. He said that the offers were turned down due to the lack of clarity of its source. He thought that the goody bag contained books. Having learned that he was offered money, he declined.

    The indictment against two defendants, who are also the Home Affairs Ministry officials, Irman and Sugiharto, Ganjar was named as the beneficiary of US$520,000 in bribes. The House’ Commission II members were named as beneficiaries in the Rp5.9 trillion project. They have denied any involvement in the case.