Lawyer Slams E-KTP Case Witness Miryam for Retracting Testimony

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  • Miryam S. Haryani. Doc.TEMPO/Dasril Roszandi

    Miryam S. Haryani. Doc.TEMPO/Dasril Roszandi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Soesilo Ariwibowo, the defense lawyer of e-KTP graft defendants Irman and Sugiharto considered that witness Miryam's move of retracting her investigation report (BAP) issued by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) during the e-KTP graft trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court on March 23, 2017, as a blunder.

    According to Soesilo, the blunder started when Miryam said she retracted all his statements in the BAP after claiming that she was intimidated. In the trial session last week, she said that KPK investigators intimidated her during the case's investigation. "If she denied it, where did the money goes? It's a big question for us to find out in the next trial sessions," Soesilo said at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Monday, March 27, 2017.

    The prosecutors' indictment said that Sugiharto handed over money to Miryam, as part of the Rp 2.3 trillion in state losses incurred by the Rp 5.9 trillion project.

    The third session of e-KTP graft trial was scheduled to take place on Mondaym March 27, 2017, at the Corruption Court to confront Miryam with three KPK investigators who interrogated her. The trial was adjourned because Miryam failed to appear in court for health reasons.

    KPK prosecutor Irene Putri said that she did not receive any permission letter. Irene said that prosecutors will force Miryam to attend court if she failed to comply with three witness summons. "We will deliver the summons at noon," Irene said.

    The e-KTP trial is scheduled to continue on Thursday, March 30. Soesilo said that he will present witnesses, including couriers who deliver the money to Miryam.