E-KTP Trial; Home Ministry Official Admits to Have Received Graft

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  • Diah Anggraini, Secretary General at the Home Affairs Ministry. Tempo/Jati Mahatmaji

    Diah Anggraini, Secretary General at the Home Affairs Ministry. Tempo/Jati Mahatmaji

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Former Home Affairs Ministry secretary-general Diah Anggraini admitted that she received 300,000 USD from former Director General of Demography and Civil Registry Irman that he gained from the electric identity cards (e-KTP) procurement project.

    Diah provided her testimony when standing as a witness during the e-KTP graft case trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

    She confirmed that before receiving the money, she received a call from Irman. In the conversation, Irman said, “Ma’am, there are seven [people]. So, we’re going to split it into three, three, and one, because Sugiharto also played a role.” Diah replied, “It’s up to you, Pak Irman.”

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    Diah explained that the conversation occurred in 2013. When Irman told her that he was going to split the money, she said that she did not question where the money came from. The former secretary-general claimed that she did not realize that the “three-three-one” term was related to the e-KTP project.

    Several days later, Irman’s staff visited Diah and carried US$300,000. Diah did not question the status of the money.

    “Initially, I didn’t have negative thinking,” she said.

    Several days later, tender winner Andi Agustinus or Andi Nargong, came to Diah and gave her US$200,000. She was surprised and remembered the money Irman gave earlier.

    “Is this e-KTP money?” Diah asked Andi. Andi denied it and said that the money was gained from his business. Andi left the money on Diah’s table.

    Two days later, Diah met Irman at the Home Affairs Ministry’s office. “I said, I have the money from Pak Irman and Pak Andi. I want to return it,” she said. However, Diah explained, Irman rejected the return and threatened her.

    “Please don’t return it. If you return it, it’s a suicide. Even if I was gunned down, I wouldn’t admit that I receive money,” Irman said as Diah revealed it.

    Diah was felt threatened. She asked Andi’s address to Irman, but Irman refused to reveal it. “I didn’t know where to return the money,” she said.

    A year later, Diah realized that it was dirty money from the e-KTP project. Judge Jhon Halasan Butar Butar asked for the reason behind Diah’s failure to report the money, instead of keeping it for a year.

    “Because I was scared, your honor,” Diah said.

    In the indictment letter, Diah, along with Irman, Sugiharto, Andi Narogong, and Setya Novanto, enrich themselves and others by embezzling the e-KTP budget, causing Rp2.3 trillion (US$173 million) state loss.