Saturday, 7 December 2019

Here is Shortlist of e-KTP Graft Alleged Receivers

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  • E-KTP Graft defendants, Irman and Sugiarto. Tipikor Court, Central Jakarta, March 9, 2017. TEMPO/Maria Francisca

    E-KTP Graft defendants, Irman and Sugiarto. Tipikor Court, Central Jakarta, March 9, 2017. TEMPO/Maria Francisca

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The public prosecutors at the electronic ID card or e-KTP graft case trial today, March 9, read out the indictment that contained the list of names who received the bribe, as well as the amounts.

    The prosecutor’s indictment on the two officials of the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration at the Home Affairs Ministry, Irman and Sugiharto, stated the graft was given in order to gain the budgeting agreement from the House’ Commission II, Irman as Sugiharto, as the commitment maker officials, along with a businessman Andi Agustinus alias Andi Narogong.

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    “The defendants have tried to feather their nests through a project valued at Rp5.9 trillion,” said Irene Putri, one of the prosecutors at the court. The defendants and the businessman Agustinus distributed the money to the related House’ members and ministerial officials.

    They have violated the law in the process of the electronic ID card or e-KTP's budgeting and procurement since they were trying to win certain companies.

    Here is the shortlist of the names who received the bribes:

    1. Gamawan Fauzi received US$4.5 million and Rp50 million.

    2. Diah Anggraini received US$2.7 million and Rp22.5 million.

    3. Drajat Wisnu Setyawan received US$615,000 and Rp25 million.

    4. Six tender officials; each person received US$50,000.

    5. Husni Fahmi received US$150,000 and Rp30 million. 

    6. Anas Urbaningrum received US$5.5 million.

    7. Melchias Markus Mekeng received US$1.4 million.

    8. Olly Dondokambey received US$1.2 million.

    9. Tamsil Linrung received US$700,000.

    10. Mirwan Amir received US$1.2 million. 

    11. Arief Wibowo received US$108,000.

    12. Chaeruman Harahap received US$584,000 and Rp26 billion. 

    13. Ganjar Pranowo received US$520,000.

    14. Agun Gunandjar Sudarsa as the House’ Commission II and Budgeting Agency official received US$1.047 million.

    15. Mustoko Weni received US$408,000.

    16. Ignatius Mulyono received US$258,000.

    17. Taufik Effendi received US$103,000.

    18. Teguh Djuwarno received US$167,000.

    19. Miryam S Haryani received US$23,000.

    20. Rindoko, Numan Abdul Hakim, Abdul Malik Haramen, Jamal Aziz dan Jazuli Juwaini, as the faction heads at the House’ Commission II, each received US$37,000.

    21. Markus Nari received Rp4 billion and US$13,000.

    22. Yasona Laoly received US$84,000.

    23. Khatibul Umam Wiranu received US$400,000.

    24. M Jafar Hapsah received US$100,000.

    25. Ade Komarudin received US$100,000.

    26. Abraham Mose, Agus Iswanto, Andra Agusalam, and Darma Mapangara as the management officials at PT LEN Industri; each received Rp1 billion. 

    27. Wahyudin Bagenda, President Director of PT LEN Industri, received Rp2 billion. 

    28. Marzuki Ali received Rp20 billion.

    29. Johanes Marliem received US$14.880 million and Rp25 billion.

    30. Other 37 Commission members totally received US$556,000. Each person received money at around US$13,000-US$18,000. 

    31. Several members of Fatmawati team, namely Jimmy Iskandar Tedjasusila alias Bobby, Eko Purwoko, Andi Noor, Wahyu Setyo, Benny Akhir, Dudi dan Kurniawan. Each received Rp60 million. 

    32. Consortium PNRI management received Rp137 billion.

    Besides individual receivers, the prosecutor also mentioned that the defendants also tried to grow the wealth of several corporations. Here are the firms included in the indictment:  

    1. Perum PNRI received Rp107.7 billion. 

    2. PT Sandipala Artha Putra received Rp145 billion.

    3. PT Mega Lestari Unggul, the parent company of PT Sandipala Artha Putra, received Rp148 billion. 

    4. PT LEN Industri received Rp20 billion.

    5. PT Sucofindo received Rp8 billion.

    6. PT Quadra Solution received Rp127 billion.