Sukamiskin Prison Warden Accuses Tempo of Using Old Data

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  • Sukamiskin prison in Bandung

    Sukamiskin prison in Bandung

    TEMPO.CO, Bandung - Dedi Handoko, the warden of Sukamiskin Penitentiary in Bandung, has accused Tempo magazine of using old data in its investigation titled ‘Plesiren Gelap Pesakitan Sukamiskin’ (Pleasant Prison) published on Monday, February 6, edition.

    “Tempo focuses on previous year’s data,” Dedi told Tempo at Sukamiskin Penitentiary in Bandung on Monday, February 6, 2017.

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    Tempo magazine Feb. 6 edition features investigative report on graft convicts who get temporary get-out-of-jail cards to go on vacation or to rental properties outside Sukamiskin penitentiary, Bandung.

    According to Dedi, he has questioned inmates caught leaving the prison for private residences. Among the inmates was former Bogor regent Rachmat Yasin. “Upon questioning, Rachmat Yasin said he had no a Fortuner car [as referred to by Tempo]. He also denies having a house in Panorama. The report is not true,” he said.

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    Dedi reasoned that since taking office as the warden of Sukamiskin penitentiary, he has been very strict in granting the permit to temporarily leave prison. “We have been trying to step up security. You can see it yourself, before my tenure sick leaves and the like could be given to 10-15 persons a day. It’s been stricter now. I only allow sick leaves to four-five persons [a day],” he said.

    Dedi said that inmates cannot easily obtain the permit to temporarily leave jail. “It will not be given to get medical treatment for flu, itchy skin; that would be unrealistic. Serious illness such as heart disease, liver, [will be allowed] based on doctor recommendation. Not all inmates are granted [permit to leave prison],” he said.

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    Tempo executive editor Wahyu Dhaytmika has denied Dedi’s accusation. “The data are fresh,” Wahyu said.

    According to Wahyu, Tempo reporters followed the inmates outside Sukamiskin penitentiary until they get back in. “We have videos and the metadata that show the date when the videos were taken,” he said.