Press Council Verifies 74 Media

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  • Tempo/Dian Triyuli Handoko

    Tempo/Dian Triyuli Handoko

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Press council through its press release on Friday (02/03) announced it has verified 74 press companies.

    Press Council Head Yosep Adi Prasetyo said that a letter contains an invitation to accept certificates of verification is addressed to the heads of the press companies.

    The certificate of verification will be given to the 74 companies attended by President Joki Widodo on the summit of National Press Day (HPN) in Ambon, Maluku on Wednesday (02/08).

    "In the fututre, only verified press companies will receive support and protection from the Press Council when there is any case inflicted on the companies," Yosep Adi Prasetyo told the reporters in the press release.

    In addition, verified mass media will obtain a barcode. This will be done gradually.

    Yosep also  told the reporters that in the first stage, Press Council will provide QR code to 18 major media groups that sign Palembang Charter commitment in 2012. This code can be scanned with a smartphone and share information about the media.

    By providing a code as an indication that the media is verified, the people can decide the right media to obtain information.

    QR code also enables the people to differenciate mainstream media from unreliable media that spread hoax.