Indonesia to be World`s Main Exporter of Roasted Coffee

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -The Ministry of Trade is optimistic about Indonesia's ability to become the primary exporter for roasted coffee beans in Asia, as well as in the global market, considering the country's current position as the fourth largest coffee producer in the world.

    "The developmental measures for the industry include the increasing of added value for coffee beans, and roasted coffee beans, by mastering roasting technologies," said Director of the Ministrys Agro Industry Panggah Susanto as quoted by Antara on Monday, October 3.

    He added that other measures also cover the improvement of human resources capacities, including barista, roaster, and cupper (flavour taster).

    The Ministry is committed to boost the national coffee industry's growth through various programs and strategic policies.

    The coffee industry is included in the priority sector of the National Main Development Plans for 2015-2035, and for that reason, the government continues to create an improved business environment for coffee manufacturers through fiscal and non-fiscal policies, as well as the implementation of standards.

    "It is hoped that the coffee industry will be able to diversify its coffee products, turning them not only into beverages, but expanding their production into other products, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical creations and food essences," said Susanto.

    This, he continued, will then lead to synergy in the industry's chain, from farmers to industry and retail services, along with the cafe, and the connection will continue to improve, offering a significant added value to the nation's economy.

    According to a data released by the Trade Ministry, the coffee industry contributed US$356.79 million to the country's foreign exchange income through exports in 2015, which indicated an 8 percent increase, compared to the year before.

    "The export of coffee products is dominated by instant coffee, extracts, essences and coffee concentrates. The destination countries vary from main export points in the ASEAN region, China and United Arab Emirates," he added.

    Meanwhile, the value of coffee imports reached US$106.39 million in 2015, which was a four percent increase compared to 2014.

    The importer countries include Malaysia, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Italy and the US.

    "Despite that, the trade scale of coffee products is still experiencing a surplus of US$250.40 million," he noted.