Gus Dur Denies Receiving Bribes from Tommy Suharto

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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Former president Abdurrahman Wahid, popularly called Gus Dur, has denied receiving bribes from Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of former president Suharto in a fraud case involving Rp 15-billion. “I know nothing about this,” Gus Dur said during a press conference held following his investigation at the Jakarta Police detectives office in Jakarta this afternoon (11/1). Gus Dur also denied having ordered Dodi Sumadi and Kiai Sidiq, who were said to have brokered a meeting between Gus Dur and Tommy, to request money from Tommy. Gus Dur claims he has never met Dodi. However, Gus Dur said that he knew Kiai Sidiq after an introduction via KH Hasyim Muzadi, the current chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama organization. “Kiai Sidiq’s father was my grandfather’s student,” Gus Dur said. Relating the proceedings Gus Dur said he was grilled over meetings he held with Tommy at both the Regent Hotel and Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta. Gus Dur told police that Tommy had requested him to intervene in a judicial review of his case at the Supreme Court. “I told you once again: I’ve never, even once, intervened in judicial matters or any matters related with the judiciary and legislature,” Gus Dur said. Gus Dur stated to police that he had never intervened in any matter dealing with the Court. He also said that he had only met and chatted with Tommy and his eldest sister Siti Hardiyanti Indra Rukmana, popularly called Tutut, during the Regent and Borobudur meetings. Gus Dur added that Dodi Sumadi and Kiai Sidiq had not attended these meetings. Adj. High Comm. Benny Makalu from the Jakarta Police detectives office said Gus Dur had been very cooperative in fulfilling the police summons. “Imagine, a former president was willing to come to the police office to give testimony ,” Benny remarked. Benny added that police might need to question Gus Dur again if his testimony contradicts the information provided by Dodi Sumadi, a suspect in this fraud case. “We have yet to arrest Dodi,” Benny said. Therefore, the police have not yet planned any further questioning of Gus Dur.