Uber to Launch UberPOOL in Jakarta

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  • Logo of Uber Taxi. Image: blog.uber.com

    Logo of Uber Taxi. Image: blog.uber.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-PT Uber Teknologi Indonesia will launch uberPOOL service in Jakarta this week.

    President Director of PT Uber Teknologi Indonesia Mike Brown said that uberPOOL is a carpooling service in urban areas. According to him, it could result in a more economically efficient travel.

    “A saving of up to 50% of uberX tariff could be achieved and [it is] more economically efficient compared to regular taxis,” Brown said on Sunday, May 8, 2016, in Jakarta.

    He added that the service enables Uber partners to maximize the time at hand to travel. On the other hand, Jakarta will benefit from it through reduced congestion, pollution and less parking issue.

    Car or travel pooling exists among Indonesian people, he noted. Therefore, uberPOOL service will be launched in Jakarta and can be used in other cities in Indonesia.

    Brown claimed that UberPOOL has resulted in positive impacts to the cities where the service is available. According to him, people have been travelling with less number of cars.

    He made an example that Los Angeles has seen reduced mileage by 7.9 million miles of travel and reduced carbon dioxide emission by 1.4 metric tons.

    He believed that the carpooling service could reduce and even eliminate private car ownership.

    However, regulation could be a stumbling block for the service, Brown said. The service from Uber could operate if supported by the regulation, according to him. Regulation should be made to support a secure, comfortable, safe and humane transport, he said.