Bali Bans the Operation of Uber Taxi

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  • Impounded Uber taxis in Indonesia. Image: M IQBAL ICHSAN/ TEMPO

    Impounded Uber taxis in Indonesia. Image: M IQBAL ICHSAN/ TEMPO

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Provincial Government of Bali through the Transportation Service has officially ban Uber Taxi from its operation in Bali starting today, after it had talks with the regional transport organization (organda), Bali Freelance Driver Association, Uber and Grab Car representatives, as well as the police.

    One of the considerations of the ban is the patter of Uber Taxi operation that is similar to conventional taxi. “Uber will be banned if they maintain its current operation,” Head of Land Transportation Division of Bali Transportation Service Standly Suwandhi said Thursday, January 21, 2016.

    Uber Taxi is considered to take no account of the local condition in Bali. The vehicles that partner with Uber do not have any tourism permit like any other public transportation companies.  The majority of the vehicles used are originated outside of the region, and the fare is charged by the minute and kilometer. 

    Standly said after the ban was issued, he will coordinate with related authorities to act firmly towards Uber Taxi drivers that are still running the operation.

    Uber Taxi representative in Bali Dimas Dwinovanto Putra is reluctant to comment on the ban and said that Uber will be dealing with the matter.