Unique Souvenirs of Customized Wayang Golek

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  • TEMPO.CO, Bogor - If you are looking for a special souvenir or gift for family or friends, wayang golek workshop Paguyuban Sanggar Tumaritis offers to make you a unique wayang with customized face based on order. The workshop is located on dense housing area on the side of Ciliwung River, Bogor.

    “Just bring us a photo, and we will make wayang having a face that looks like the one on the photo,” the 60-year-old Dase Spartacus, the owner of the workshop, promoted.

    The customized wayang tagged with Rp350,000 to Rp550,000 each. A 75-cm tall puppet complete with costume and head band, for example, is priced Rp3 million. The workshop also make puppets of folklore character such as Rama-Shinta which is sold for Rp850,000.

    Dase needs around one week to make one wayang golek complete with its costume. Getting help from nine craftsmen, Dase can make 60 wayang per month in the workshop that has been open for 32 years.

    People from overseas such as the Netherlands and Germany are also ordering Dase’s wayang.

    “Most of them prdered Rama and Shinta puppets, may be because they are the most famous figures,” said Dase who uses Albasia or Astonia woods to make the wayang.