2.2 Million Teachers Participate in Competency Test

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  • TEMPO/Lazyra Amadea Hidayat

    TEMPO/Lazyra Amadea Hidayat

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-Director General of Teachers and Educators to the Education and Cultural Ministry Sumarna Surapranata said more than 2.2 million teachers have taken a competency test until today. “From the total of 2,587,253 teachers registered, 2,212,348 teachers have taken the test,” Sumarna said at Istora Senayan Jakarta on Monday, November 23.

    The Teacher Competency Test has been held since November 9 and will end on November 27. Sumarna claimed this year’s test is going smoothly.

    For example, if a teacher in Meulaboh took the test at 11:42:05am, and the server recorded the test completed at 12:56:06. “10 seconds later, the result has been directly submitted to the data center in Jakarta,” he said.

    Sumarna expects teachers taking the test to acknowledge their weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, teachers can make improvements and increase their own competence. The improvement can be made by their own, with the help of school environment, local government, teacher association where the teacher enlisted.

    Sumarna expects teachers can get an average national grade of 5.5. The target is higher than last year’s average of 4.7. “In 2019, its hoped that the average grade can reach 8,” he said.

    The teacher’s competency has 200 subjects and contains 60-100 questions, comprising 477 districts conducting the national test online, with 37 other districts conducting it manually. The test is held in 4,035 locations throughout the archipelago.