The Exquisite World-Famous Dampit Coffee

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Local government of Malang Regency, East Java, reached out to local banks to fund coffee farms in Dampit, a coffee-producing region of the regency. Head of Malang Regency Agriculture and Farming Agency, Tomie Herwanto said that the people-owned coffee farms are worthy for the funding since it has export value.

    “Dampit coffee has built strong brand in the international market. Export targets are especially Unites States of America and European countries,” Tomie explained on Friday October 9.

    Coffee production in Dampit reaches 30,000 tons from 15,000 hectares land. However, the figure has yet to meet market demand that reaches 110,000 tons per year. Tomi believes that the potential is huge for the development of coffee farm in Dampit.

    Dampit produces Robusta coffee that is harvested from the farms in the foot of Mt Semeru. The area is around 900 meters high above the sea level. What is unique about Dampit coffee is that it is processed using dry process that it yield aromatic odor.