Indonesia 3rd World Coffee Producer, Under Brazil

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  • Ilustrasi biji kopi. TEMPO/HARIANDI HAFID

    Ilustrasi biji kopi. TEMPO/HARIANDI HAFID

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-Indonesia is still below Brazil and Vietnam in coffee crop productivity with 741 kg of beans per hectare per year for robusta and 808 kg for arabica.

    "The level of productivity of Indonesian coffee farmers still less than Brazil, which reached around 2,000 kg per hectare per year and Vietnam with 1,500 kg per hectare per year," said Industry Minister Saleh Husin in Jakarta on Thursday, October 1.

    The minister promised to cooperate with relevant associations in order to increase productivity up to two-fold, or at least equal to the productivity of Vietnam.

    This effort will be taken by providing training and guidance on how to plant and coffee to get higher yield with the best quality.

    Indonesia produce coffee beans 685 thousand tons in 2014, or 8.9 percent of world coffee production with a composition of 76.7 percent and 23.3 percent Robusta and Arabica coffee respectively.

    Indonesia has various kinds of specialty coffee known around the world, such as Gayo, Mandailings, Lampung, Java, Kintamani, Toraja, Bajawa, Wamena and civet coffee.

    The export value of processed coffee products in 2014 reached 332.24 million US dollars, up 9.9 percent from 2013. Exports dominated by instant coffee, extracts, essences and concentrates of coffee generally sold in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China and the United Arab Emirates.