Jimly Asshiddiqie: Adnan deserves to be named national hero

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  • Adnan Buyung Nasution. TEMPO/Nita Dian

    Adnan Buyung Nasution. TEMPO/Nita Dian

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jimly Asshidduque, Professor of State Administrative Law at Universitas Indonesia said that Adnan Buyung Nasution deserves to be named as a national hero. "Hopefully the government could find a suitable burial ground," Jimly said. "[Adnan] could be buried at the heroes cemetery," Jimly added.

    Jimly also hoped that young legal activists could continue Adnan's struggle as one of the founder of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institution (YLBHI). "What important is we carry on his struggle, [he] deserves to be an example of positive legal development in Indonesia," Jimly said.

    Jimly asserted that what Adnan has achieved in fight for law enforcement serves as a balancing point in the development of justice and idealism in Indonesia.