BI Middle Rate Up 12pts to Rp14,451/US$ on Monday

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia middle rate was set at Rp14,451 per US dollar on Monday, September 21, lower by 12 points from the rate last Friday, or appreciated 0.08%.

    The middle rate rose closer the rupiah rate in the spot market, which closed last weekend 85 points higher to Rp14,374 per US dollar.

    Selling rate is set at Rp14,523 per US dollar, while the buying rate is pegged at Rp13,379 per US dollar. The difference between the selling rate and buying rate is Rp144.

    This morning rupiah slipped back in the spot market, down 0.58% or 83 points to Rp14,457 per US dollar at 11:13 am.

    The majority of Asian currencies weakened along with the rupiah, depressed by the strong dollar. The ringgit has dropped 1.31% by noon, the won slumped 0.91%, while the yen rose 0.17%.

    Goldman Sachs estimates that Asian exchange rate will continue to weaken against the dollar throughout 2015. Rupiah, baht, won and ringgit currencies are considered most vulnerable.