Economic Policy Package to Smooth Flow of Export-Import Goods

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Trade Ministry reported that that the Economic Policy Package launched by the government recently, especially the one concerning de-regulation and de-bureaucratization in the trade sector, is aimed to ensuring the smoothness of flow of export and import goods.

    "The package is expected to support the smoothness of the flow of goods in exports and imports. In addition, it also for the smoothness of the distribution of goods from at home and also to improve competitiveness," said Head of Deregulation Team of the Trade Ministry Arlinda in the press conference in Jakarta on Friday (18 September 2015).

    Arlinda went on to say that the government’s step to do de-regulation and de-bureaucratization is also taken to boost the growth of the national economy and for the interests of the people in a bigger scale as well as to create a favorable business climate for businessmen.

    Arlinda also said that from the total of 132 policies included in the Economic Policy Package, there are 32 regulations under the Trade Ministry. She also said that from those 32 regulations, as many as eight regulations will be de-regulated, while 24 others will also be under de-bureaucratization.