Indonesian Military Manufacturer Signs Weapons Deal with UAE

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaIndonesia state-owned arms manufacturer Pindad, which specializes in military and commercial products, has established cooperation with the defense industry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to explore the possibility of developing its main weaponry system.

    "We appreciate the support of the government and all relevant agencies for encouraging defense industry cooperation between Pindad and its strategic partners from the UAE," said the Director of Pindad, Silmy Karim on Monday.

    The cooperation deal was signed on the sidelines of Indonesia President Joko Widodos visit to Abu Dhabi on September 13.

    The deal is a breakthrough for Pindads main weaponry system and products finding a niche in the Middle-East market.

    The cooperation deal includes the transfer of technology and a license for an SS2 assault rifle, as well as distribution and marketing for various ammunition products in the Middle-East countries through Pindads strategic partner, Continental Aviation Services (CAS).

    CAS, in collaboration with Rheinmentall Defense (RhD) Canada, will conduct a technology transfer and investment for manufacturing remote weapon systems (RWS) with the Pindad brand. 

    The products are expected to be marketed for the domestic needs of the Indonesian military and police or for the Southeast Asia market.

    "We have agreed to cooperate with Pindad as a special hub for our RWS products for the Indonesian and Southeast Asia markets," the CEO of CAS, Juergen Fiebig said.

    Currently, Pindad is exploring a plan for designing tank boat manufacturing with a 105mm canon.

    The new product is an innovation of Pindad, along with the Lundin boat manufacturer from Banyuwangi (East Java province), and the producer of the Cockeril 105mm canon from Belgium.

    UAE authorities have spoken and formulated cooperation on a number Indonesian tank boats. 

    "We have discussed procurement of about 100 units of tank boats that will constitute a large defense industry export from Indonesia to the UAE," the Director of Lundin, Liza Lundin said.