2015 Tax realization Reaches 45.79% Target

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  • Menteri Keuangan Bambang PS Brodjonegoro berpidato saat acara pembukaan Seminar Pendalaman Sektor Keuangan di Jakarta, 7 September 2015. TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    Menteri Keuangan Bambang PS Brodjonegoro berpidato saat acara pembukaan Seminar Pendalaman Sektor Keuangan di Jakarta, 7 September 2015. TEMPO/Wisnu Agung Prasetyo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ministry of Finance noted that new tax revenue until the end of August had reached 45.79 percent or Rp 592.577 trillion. This number dropped to Rp 13.54 trillion from last year's revenues reached at Rp 606.126 billion.

    This amount consisted of the realization of income tax from non-oil and gas reached at Rp 320.583 billion, Value Added Tax and Sales of Luxury Goods Tax Rp 231.929 trillion, Land and Building Tax Rp 663 trillion, other taxes at Rp 3.38 trillion, as well as oil and gas income tax of Rp 36.015 trillion.

    Executive Director of the Indonesian Center for Tax Analysis, Yustinus Prastowo said the tax revenue is currently under pressure from the economic slowdown. The sluggish economyin the second half or third quarter shows on the realization of the decreasing Value Added Tax.

    Therefore, fiscal sustainability, according to Yustinus, will be a crucial point of the realization of this tax. "If the shortfall is sharp, then the 2016 achievement will be more severe." Moreover, the economic slowdown is expected to continue in 2016. Yustinus estimated tax revenues this year will be down about Rp 240-300 billion.

    Yustinus revealed, the income slowdown must be overcome by the government by fiscal relaxation. Fiscal relaxation in question is the provision of fiscal incentives to increase purchasing power. Although it would be sacrificing state revenues, policy relaxation is expected to stimulate the economy to get out of the pressure.

    Director of Counseling, Services and Public Relations Directorate General of Taxation, Ministry of Finance, Mekar Satria Utama, said that up to September 10, 2015 revenues reached Rp 605.85 trillion or 46.82 percent. He said that improvement in the second half of budget absorption will automatically increase tax revenues.

    The government also believes the increase in revenues derived from securities law enforcement. "Especially delinquent taxpayers," said Mekar Satria Utama. Against big tax payers, when it meets the provisions, collection action will be active including forced arrest.

    Unfortunately, he refused to disclose the data and the nominal tax arrears are being targeted. "Later, when I was taken hostage, initials arrears and arrears nominal certainly be announced."

    Until early August, Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro was still optimistic that tax revenue shortfall expected this year was Rp 120 trillion. He believes that policy reinventing will manage to reap revenues about Rp 200 trillion. The policy of freeing the administrative sanction on tax shortfall during the last 5 years in the personal tax payers. Later, the target of policy reinventing was corrected to Rp 130 trillion.

    Bambang said it is the character of taxpayers usually to pay towards the end of the year and pay in installments. According to him, the same pattern of tax revenue with the state spending will increase in the second half.

    Moreover, Bambang was optimistic that electronic invoicing policy will significantly reduce leakage. Unfortunately, he claimed no memory of the leakage rate that has been happening. “It is substantial, because making manual invoice is very easy.” Tax revenues this year can no longer rely on economic growth.


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