Clove Farmers in Kolaka Reap Benefits as US Dollar Strengthens

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  • TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Clove farmers in Lasusua, North Kolaka, have reaped benefits from the weakening of the Rupiah towards US Dollar. Prices of clove increases, reaching up to Rp 90,000 per kilograms as the Rupiah continues to weaken.

    Wawan, a clove farmer in Tolala Village, North Kolaka, said that prices of dried cloves continue to rise. "Frankly, [clove price] is fluctuating. The trend is always the same. With the strengthening of dollar, clove prices also increases," Wawan said.

    North Kolaka Regent Rusda Mahmud said that the strengthening of the US Dollar towards the Rupiah have resulted in a positive affect for clove farmers because clove seeds are basically valued in US Dollars. "So the earnings of these farmers are currently high as the US Dollar strengthens, and it motivates clove farmers," Rusda said.

    Around 85 percent of North Kolaka residents work in the agriculture and plantations sector. Clove, chocolate, patchouli, and coconut are some of the leading commodities in the region.