Indonesia Focuses on 154 Economic Policies

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Cabinet Secretary Pramono Agung said there will be at least 154 policies that the government will focus on in formulating policy packages. One of the government's main concerns is budget absorption.

    According to Pramono, there are plenty of unused funds in regional banks that could be used to finance construction projects. However, decision makers are scared to make that decision, resulting in unabsorbed budgets, Pramono said late Thursday, September 3.

    In addition to budget absorption, he said the government will also keep an eye on policies related to logistics, including the dwelling time problem. He said there are 122 permits that are required for loading and unloading activities.

    "Even the President gave an example about electricity; there are 200 sheets of documents to fill to get the permit," he said. President Widodo, he said, wants to trim down the licensing procedure to just 10 sheets only.

    In the currently-drafted economic policy package, Pramono said the government would be friendlier to foreign capital investment plans. The protection and comfort of internal officials will also be regulated.

    "In this case, the government can set policies that are strategic, whether it is a presidential decree or a presidential instruction, it will be stipulated in the regulations," said Pramono.

    He also said that the policy package will also overhauled the delivery mechanisms of halal certification. There will be a clearer guideline on who will be eligible to obtain halal certificates, and who will have the authority to issue the certificates.

    Pramono said the licensing rules to be overhauled will have a diversity of levels. The highest rules to be overhauled are president regulations (PP).