Public Works Tendering Commenced

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  • Tender Proyek Infrastruktur Dipercepat

    Tender Proyek Infrastruktur Dipercepat

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Public Works and Public Housing Ministry opened the tendering for projects in the 2016 fiscal year today as a part of its strategy to manage the budget ceiling set in Minister Regulation No.3/2015 on the acceleration of 2015 budget spending and 2016 early tendering.

    “The early tendering is aimed to optimize resources to prevent it budget absorption delay from recurring next year,” Hediyanto W. Husaini, the director general of Bina Marga at the Public Works and Public Housing, said in a press conference on Friday, August 28.

    Hediyanto explained that the ministry would offer 61 project tenders comprising 30 packages with a total value of Rp 1.9 trillion (US$135.7 million) and 31 packages with a total value of Rp 1.78 trillion (US$127 million).

    Hediyanto added that the tender packages were distributed in 15 provinces. The early tendering would be continued within the next three months. Therefore, Hediyanto said that contracts for the projects are expected to be signed in early January next year.

    Earlier, the Finance Ministry set the budget ceiling for the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry at Rp 103.8 trillion (US$7.9 billion), of which Rp 46.28 trillion (US$3.3 billion) would be allocated for road and bridge constructions managed under the Bina Marga Directorate General.