Govt to Release Cyber Standardization Guideline

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government will release guideline on cyber defense standardization in October to protect national interests from cyber attacks.

    This standardization guideline will be implemented on eight important non-defense sectors,” said Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara on Monday.

    According to Rudiantara, some of the sectors are finance, transportation, banking, electricity, gas and drinking water.

    Rudiantara said the guideline can be considered as roadmap for national cyber defense. In implementing the guideline, the ministry will work with agencies associated with the sectors.

    For example, in transportation sector, the ministry will work with the Transportation Ministry and in banking and finance, the ministry will cooperate with Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority.

    Related ministries will also monitor the implementation. “Whether it is obligatory or not. I must discuss with related ministries. In electricity sector, for example, the decision maker is Mr. Sudirman (Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources),” said Rudiantara.