Merah-Putih Cement Market Share Up by 440 Percent

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Merah-Putih Cement manufacturer PT Cemindo Gemilang claimed its market share is up by 440 percent since it was first launched by relying on retailers in Indonesia.

    PT Cemindo Gemilang CEO Vince Erlington Indigo said the company continues strengthen its existence in the cement industry in Indonesia.

    Besides speeding up the operation of its integrated cement factory in Bayah, Banten, which is scheduled to begin production in September 2015, the company also strengthen its retailer network, particularly the ones located in Jabodetabek-Banten area.

    Currently, there are about 1,500 retailers comprising building stores in the primary market of Merah-Putih Cement in Jabodetabek-Banten.

    According to Vince, retailers are the cutting edge to Merah-Putih Cement for market penetration.  The current market share of Merah-Putih Cement have reached 3.68 percent, up by 440 percent since the cement was first released in 2012.